Due to size limits on CDs, the entire Voodoo Vince Soundtrack was unable to be stored on the one disk in the official release. Steve Kirk has kindly made a few of the tracks not featured on the album available around the internet.

This page is a list of these exclusive tracks.

Tracks Featured on Steve Kirk's WebsiteEdit

The songs listed in this section can be found on Steve Kirk's Website.

  • Voodoo Vince Medley
  • Tumbler Room
  • Voodoo Vince Suite I
  • Voodoo Vince Suite II
  • The Midway
  • Bog Wallow
  • Basket Case
  • Stealth, Deception and Undies - Upper City Theme
  • Tango for Piano and Orchestra - A re-orchestrated version of the Basket Case theme

Music from the Levels Featuring DollyEdit

Beltroid Boss ("Dolly Playtime")03:01

Beltroid Boss ("Dolly Playtime")

"Dolly's Theme"04:03

"Dolly's Theme"

"Dolly Goes Nuts" - From "Dolly Playtime"00:34

"Dolly Goes Nuts" - From "Dolly Playtime"

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