Bone Goliath

The head of the Bone Goiath

Bone Goliath is the boss encountered in the Quarter's Museum. It takes the form of a giant T-Rex skeleton and can be beaten by making Vince getting struck by lightning which makes it fall through the floor and opens up the passage to Roachfort.

How to defeatEdit

The Bone Goliath has a tail swing when Vince is on the ground which is avoided by jumping before it hits. When Vince is on the ground, he must grab the Zap Hat. When Vince is on the upper level, he will switch on 3 levers to kill the Bone Goliath, the first is to open the window above, the second puts a large metal ball out above the Bone Goliath and the third should kill the Bone Goliath.

Killing the Bone Goliath will open up a secret entrance, and the Killer Bees voodoo power.

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