Evil Vince is the second-to-last boss in Voodoo Vince. Evil Vince is considered merely a mini-boss rather than an actual boss. Evil Vince shows up once Vince enters the last room in the House of Mirrors. Upon seeing Evil Vince, Vince comments, saying "So... The obligatory evil twin." stating how overused the 'evil twin' concept is in entertainment media.

Appearance Edit

Evil Vince looks to be made up of burlap, thread, and flesh. His eye is a red color, instead of the blue color that Vince is known for. He has a few more pins in his body, and is a little bigger in size then Vince.

How to Defeat Edit

Through out the fight, Evil Vince with send shock waves towards Vince, which you have to simply jump to avoid. After you dodge his purple shock wave, he disappears back into the mirror and summons Pit Frogs. Once you defeat all of them, Evil Vince will show up again, this time firing larger, green shock waves. Dodge these and Evil Vince will become vulnerable. Hit him and he will disappear back into the mirror, this time summoning Crab III's.

Dodge his green shock wave and hit him again after you defeated the Crab III's, and congrats, you would of defeated Evil Vince.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original design, Vince was going to encounter a number of distorted evil twins on his trip through the House of Mirrors. That turned out to be a little too ambitious given the production schedule, so Beep Industries ended up making a single oversized Vince as the level boss.

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Achievement hewassohandsome

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Defeat Evil Vince