Hurricane Hannah is the fifth boss of Voodoo Vince. Hurricane Hannah is a large, black tornado conjured up by Kosmo's magic after Vince has gathered the ingredients for Jimmy's gumbo, as well as beating him in the fan boat race, Kosmo shows up. After a bit of banter between Kosmo and Vince, Kosmo creates Hannah out of Jimmy's gumbo.

Appearance Edit

Hurricane Hannah is a large, black tornado with yellow eyes and a yellow mouth. Hannah has large amounts of black smoke surrounding her. She is probably the second largest boss in the game, only beaten by The Kosmobot.

How To Defeat Edit

To defeat this massive tornado with an attitude, you need to first turn on all the trashed fan boats that litter the boss arena. Make sure to dodge all the junk that Hannah tries to throw at you. Once all of the boats' fans are on, you can now go in for an attack by swinging over to the large windmill in front of Hannah, and jumping right into it. Do this three times in a row, and the tornado is defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the name, Hurricane Hannah is not a hurricane, but instead a large tornado.
  • The theme that plays when fighting Hannah is titled "hurricanemusic" in the game files.

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Achievements Edit

Achievement zombiedustinthewind

Zombie Dust In The Wind Edit

Defeat Hurricane Hanna