Kosmo The Inscrutable
Kosmo the Inscrutable









Voice Actor

David Frederick White

Kosmo the Inscrutable is the main antagonist in Voodoo Vince who appears mostly as a floating, hologram like head.

Kosmo is a man in his twenties, who is obsessed with taking over the world. In order to do this, he makes many attempts to steal magic Zombie Dust from a lady named Madam Charmaine who during the theft was hit by a floating chair. Vince gets affected by the Zombie Dust that is all over the room when Jeb and Fingers, Kosmo's henchmen, steal it from the case and open it. During the first mission ('The Back Stoop') Kosmo taunts Vince and tells him to turn back and give up. Kosmo also isn't very smart as he is easily defeated by Vince's powers. He is very confident in beating Vince even though he always loses.

Personality Edit

Kosmo is a narcissistic, somewhat whiny character. As seen by him whining about one of his henchmen interrupting his evil vision.

Appearance Edit

Kosmo is a slightly overweight man. He has a pointy shaped head, as well as a slight beard, thick eyebrows, and he always wears a purple fez. He wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt, dark blue shorts, and normal sandals.


  • At one part in the game, Kosmo states that he'd polish Vince with his car, but says that he'll do it once he gets a car. This is questionable, because, in the opening scene, there is a truck that his two minions use to steal the Zombie Dust. Either this was their vehicle or Kosmo's is unknown.
  • "After flunking the seventh grade, Kosmo decided to learn magic to facilitate his plans of world domination. But after failing to learn even the simplest sleight-of-hand card tricks, he turned his evil not-quite-genius to creating the sinister Carnival DePrave. He has also been seen near Madam Charmaine's shop... running rigged three-card monte games." ~ The manual, chapter IV.

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