The Living Statue, also known as Mrs. Gwistlethorp, is the third boss in Voodoo Vince. Once Vince enters the boss

arena, he is thrown onto a large rat. He then suddenly gets a cowboy hat on, before questioning the situation. Kosmo shows up and zaps the statue in the center with his magic, bringing it to life and making the third boss fight begin.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Gwistlethorp is a large, red tinted statue with a large body type. She has curly hair, bulging eyes, a round mouth, and an angry expression forever on her face. Her eyes seem to be a little off center as well.

How to Defeat Edit

This is the one of the two bosses in the game where you ride a mount, the other being the Kosmobot. This boss is rather simple. All you have to do is dodge the statue's shock wave attacks until she starts making debris fall from the ceiling. You have to try and get hit by this debris to harm her. Do this three times in a row, and she will crumble to dust.

Trivia Edit

  • For whatever reason, the Living Statue has giggle physics on its breasts. They bounce around during the entirety of the battle.
  • The theme that plays when facing the Living Statue is called "rrrmusic" according to the game files.

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