After Kosmo's henchmen kidnapped Madam Charmaine and released the Mystical Zombie Dust, the magical power of the dust warped and bent reality causing evil magic to possess innocent animals, creatures and inanimate objects, turning them into monsters.

There are many of these monsters in the game.

Pit FrogEdit

"Pit Frogs infest the bottomless pits in the region. Watch your step!"

Voodoo powa

Vince using the Chainsaw voodoo power on a bunch of Pit frogs

Pit Frogs are first seen in the Back Stoop, and last seen in The Midway. These monsters will attack Vince with their quick tongues and hurt him severely, draining a lot of his health. Pit frogs come in a few different sizes, each with it's own amount of hit points/health. Found in the first four levels of the Quarter, The midway and summoned by Evil Vince, the House of Mirrors.

When killed these monsters drop Mardi Gras Beads and Zombie Dust.


  • Pit frogs have a long yellow tongue that they can use to attack Vince with.
  • Like all other Monsters, if Vince touches or runs into Pit Frogs he will lose health.

Ways To Defeat Pit FrogsEdit

  • A Pit Frog can be defeated by Vince's basic punch and spin attacks.
  • A Voodoo Power is ideal when Vince is surrounded by many Pit Frogs at a time.

Gingerdead MenEdit

"Cajun Clyde's yummy, patented, Jalapeno-Gingerbread recipe."

These dangerous living gingerbread men are only found in the Back Stoop. After his first encounter with Kosmo The Inscrutible's disembodied form, Vince enters the final room in the area and meets these scary and violent baked goods. Only found at the end of The first level of the game.

Three of these monsters can be seen next to a large oven.

Ways To Defeat Gingerdead MenEdit

  • Like all other monsters, a Gingerdead Man can be defeated by Vince's basic punch and spin attacks.
  • A Voodoo Power (although Voodoo Icons are harder to find in this first area.)

NOTE: All Gingerdead Men must be destroyed at the same time otherwise, when one is killed another will come out of the oven to replace him. (A Voodoo Power is not enough to do this.) Vince must jump in the grinder activated by a switch to kill them all and defuse the oven.

Bomber BeetlesEdit

Bomber Beetles are Red Beetles that drop spiked bombs who are commonly found in Roachfort but one in Main street is located beside the steamroller garage and three in the square. Bomber Beetles are only defeated in the air with a spin attack or a Voodoo Power if unreachable. Drops one zombie dust mote and a red bead.


These large, anthropomorphic Alligators are nasty helpers of Kosmo The Inscrutable. Usually hanging around in groups, these baddies will gang up on Vince, biting him and hitting the poor doll with their tail whip attacks. One found in the docks, several in Earth water and wood, one in the Midway and some others in Finger's land 'o rides. Bubba-Gators have a tough amount of health and takes out Vince's 1.5 of his heath, which means the best way of defeating Bubba-Gators is using a Voodoo Power.


A cross between an armadillo and a lit bomb. When they roll at you, it's best to move out of the way, But defeatable with Vince's basic combat attacks.


When they explode at you, they take out two bags of health, and they're Most Common in Roachfort and some are in the Midway.


Imps are wicked little devils who love nothing more than to cause mischief and they appear in red and yellow.


A yellow Imp approaching Vince

Imps are found in the first four levels in Crypt City, Unwanted Guests, the Trophy room (Brusque Manor(From Monster eggs)) and the House of Mirrors (from Evil Vince). They drop all three bead colours and some zombie dust motes when defeated.

Mondo MoleEdit

Mondo Moles Are vicious moles who dwells below and are unpredictable. They drop the same loot as Pit Frogs (Yellow beads with a head slam) and best defeated with a Voodoo Power. Only found in the Bayou and Crypt City.


firebugs are mutant dragonflies who spew acid which takes out two bags of health from Vince. Found in monster eggs in Unwanted Guests and the Trophy room but are only enemies in Glowberry tangle and Below decks. They are also found in Jean LaFitte's ship and Finger's land o' rides. They also appear in the house of mirrors from unbroken mirrors. Firebugs drop one yellow bead and one Zombie dust mote.


Vince Punching a Crab III in Jean LaFitte's Ship

Crab IIIEdit

Crab III is a gigantic Crab that splits into three smaller crabs when defeated and drops a tremendous amount of beads which is enough to fill up at least three voodoo powers. Found in Earth, Water, and Wood, Jean LaFitte's ship, Finger's land o' rides and are summoned by Evil Vince in the house of mirrors. Crab IIIs use their claws as shields.

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