Professor Ethel explaining the balloon to Vince

Area Two - Roachfort==

After falling through the tunnel after defeating The Bone Goliath, Vince finds himself in the underground city of Roachfort, where he meets Professor Ethel, an egotistical turtle who is trying to make a balloon that will take them back to the surface. The professor sends Vince through Roachfort to gather three supplies for the balloon, but when it is complete the balloon fails to take off due to too much weight. The professor chooses between her personal belongings and Vince, and decides to throw Vince off. After defeating the "obligatory boss battle", a two-headed cyclopean alligator named Two Eyes, Vince finds the Drill Voodoo Icon and

Two Items for the balloon are delivered with a ride

a tank of helium, which he uses to inflate himself and rise to Crypt City.

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