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    February 11, 2014 by GyroPhysics

    The wiki is up and running again! Thank you to everyone for helping add more info to our Vince database!

    We now have 15+ pages than we did when i first found this wiki, and with the help of all of you.

    I'm hoping that we can add a page for every level of the game and I think that we're on our way to having 50+ pages.

    Thank you to everyone.

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  • GyroPhysics

    Recently I have been changing alot on the wiki to make sure it is both visualy appealing and that information is accurate. I reckon with a little bit of hard work we could all get this wiki up and running again. By adding more pages we can expand the Voodoo Vince database!

    • If you need help with character and item names as well as images and descriptions, a good place to look is the game manual!
    • For more images (which are hard to find on the internet) try screencapturing from cutscenes on YouTube or from the game itself!

    Thank you!

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  • GyroPhysics

    A quick blog to tell you all about some interesting soundtrack news including free downloads and much more!

    As many of you Voodoo Vince fans know, a soundtrack album including many of the game's songs was released shortly after the game. Some songs were not included however, due to the size limit of the cd. There was simply not enough room to fit the game's hours worth of music.

    • The soundtrack was composed by the amazing Steve Kirk and his website can be found here:

    Here you can find out more about Steve Kirk and his more recent work including the score to Disney's Princess and the Frog and the Farmville theme.

    • You can also find exclusive songs not on the album including The Bog Wallow and a Voodoo Vince Medley!! (You can str…

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