A quick blog to tell you all about some interesting soundtrack news including free downloads and much more!

Music and Soundtracks

As many of you Voodoo Vince fans know, a soundtrack album including many of the game's songs was released shortly after the game. Some songs were not included however, due to the size limit of the cd. There was simply not enough room to fit the game's hours worth of music.

Here you can find out more about Steve Kirk and his more recent work including the score to Disney's Princess and the Frog and the Farmville theme.

  • You can also find exclusive songs not on the album including The Bog Wallow and a Voodoo Vince Medley!! (You can stream or download these for free!!!

So make sure to look out for the soundtrack online and check out Steve Kirk's work on his website!

Fun Hint:

  • When playing Voodoo Vince you can enter the Options Menu and go to "Sound" here you can use the sliders to change the volume of the sound effects, cinematics voices and music.
  • If you turn sound effects and cinematics to zero, you can listen to the music only while playing!
  • Try it out next time you're playing and listen to some some of gaming's most fantastic music!

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